Wake Up With The Cowboys “Parting Ways” With Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett has been the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys since 2010. In that timeframe the Cowboys have only 3 divison titles. Those are the only 3 playoff apprearances the Cowboys have made under Garrett. All 3 of those appearances ended in Divison Round losses.

For years now the media has clamored for Garrett’s firing. Well they finally got their wish…kind of.

On January 13th 2015 the Cowboys signed Jason Garrett to a 5 year extension. That means his contract is up in 10 days. That is how Jerry Jones is going to get rid of Garrett. He will not fire him, but they will “mutually agree to part ways”.

Jason Garrett loves to clap.

Cowboys Mediocrity

The Cowboys have been America’s team for a long time, but the lack of playoff success since the early 90s has fans going crazy. Mediocrity seems to have been the bar for Garrett and the Cowboys over the last decade.

Well after Dak Prescott had a career year and Ezekiel Elliot just signed a long term deal, the Cowboys have to be all in. Mediocrity can no longer be the standard in Dallas. With the talent this roster possesses, they should be playoff participants every single year. Especially in that dog shit divison that they play in.

With looming contract disputes for Prescott and Amari Cooper, Dallas is going to have to figure something out. Cooper will probably walk, but they have a star in the making in Michael Gallup ready to take the stage. Whoever comes in next will still have plenty of star power to work with.

Who’s Up Next

There have been plenty of names thrown around for the Cowboys for the last couple of years. The one name that is gaining the most steam right now is Lincoln Riley.

Riley is another offensive guru who has produced 3 Heisman finalists in 3 years. He has also led Oklahoma to 3 straight playoff appearances. They have all ended in semi-final losses, but getting their 3 straight years is still an impressive feat.

I like Riley and I think he can be the guy in Dallas. Situational play calling seemed to be an issue for the Cowboys this year and I think he may help in that aspect.

He is also your best bet to make Dak a true superstar.

Whatever happens and no matter who they hire, this roster is way too talented to finish 8-8 in the NFC East.

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