There Is Only 1 Way To Solve The NFL’s Problematic Overtime Rules

As most of you know, two Wild Card Weekend games went into overtime this weekend. The Bills-Texans game as well as the Saints-Vikings game could not be decided in only 4 quarters. Naturally, after these games ran their course, everyone had something to say about the overtime rules.

In the Bills-Texans game, the coin toss didn’t matter, but everyone knows it played a huge role in the Saints-Vikings game. The Vikings won the toss, marched down the field, and scored the game winning TD. The Saints, with one of the best QBs of all time, never even got a chance to score. It was similar to the Chiefs-Pats game last year.

Obviously we need to figure out a way that both teams have a chance at getting the ball without a coin flip. There is only one way to solve this issue.

The Scramble!

The Scramble!

Each team sends 1 player out to get the ball. The overtime rules stay the same, but whoever comes out with the ball gets it rather than suffering through a coin toss. Not only will this put it on the teams to get the ball, but its something fans can root for and get excited about!

Imagine next week if the Chiefs and Texans go into OT. It would probably be Tyreek Hill going up against Deandre Hopkins or Will Fuller. That would be fucking electric!

Of course there would still be bitching and complaining about something because it is the NFL. This however, seems like the obvious choice to get it somewhat fixed.

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