Chad Ochocinco Is Making His Comeback…As A Kicker…In the XFL

Chad Ochocinco is well know throughout the NFL for many reasons. Being a kicker is not one of them.

He was a first team All-Pro WR three times, he made 6 Pro Bowls, and he was one of the most outspoken players the NFL has ever seen.

He faded into obscurity as he was last seen in the CFL a couple of years ago. He is now trying to make his way back to being an American football star.

Ochocinco did kick during a preseason game for the Bengals over 10 years ago. He said his goal is to try and compete for an NFL roster spot, which isn’t so ridiculous considering the kicking situaion most teams find themselves in.

Chad will tryout in Houston on on Monday and I hope he fucking kills it! Chad was so much fun during his prime in the NFL and he would be electric in the XFL.

The XFL will start a week after the Super Bowl so we should know pretty quickly if Chad gets his shot or not. Now, there are no XPs in the XFL but he will have his shot at kicking field goals to try and show NFL teams that this isn’t a joke.

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