Check Out The Worst Bracket of All Time!

Brackets have become such a normalcy that most of them don’t even phase me anymore. You see brackets for the dumbest shit in the world and you probably don’t blink an eye at them. Well I have one here that should have been a fucking doozy, buuuut someone really shit the bed.

For people my age 90’s Cartoons is one of the more interesting brackets out there. We all grew up watching these cartoons on Saturday mornings, and pretty much whenever else we could. We didn’t have phones or tablets to stream this shit. We had to be up at the asscrack of dawn to get in front of the TV for those bangers.

Cartoon Bangers

Some of the ones that come to mind first are Rugrats, Pokemon, Hey Arnold, Doug, Batman, and X-Men.

Then you have this fucking bracket.

What a goddamn joke! Arthur in the Final 4?! If it weren’t for the dumbass memes Arthur wouldn’t have sniffed round 2.

SpongeBob is great, but should hardly considered a 90’s cartoon considering it premiered in May of 1999.

Then you have the biggest tragedy of all. Pokemon isn’t even in the fucking bracket! What clown came up with this and thought it would be a good idea to leave out one of the biggest phenomenons of the 90s?!

There are so many things wrong with this bracket. Missing cartoons, cartoons that don’t belong and then of course, the most ridiculous upsets ever. Powerpuff Girls beating Hey Arnold is a goddamn travesty. It’s ridiculous and I cannot fucking stand it!

For me, Rugrats was top dawg in the 90s. Tommy Pickles ran shit and nobody could touch him.

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