Knicks Part Ways With Steve Mills

We all know that the the Knicks have been an afterthought for quite some time. Even when Melo was in town they were never getting past the Conference Semi-Finals. Well that is about to change my friends.

Today the Knicks made their first step towards relevance by getting rid of Steve Mills. I don’t give a fuck if he resigned, or if he was fired. All that matter is that he is fucking GONE!

The Knicks are already on the hunt for their next guy. Masai Ujiri. This is the guy who will bring the Knicks back to relevance. This is the guy who will attract star free agents to New York. This is the guy that the Knicks can rely on to build a finals contender.

I’ll never compain about an early birthday present because this is about as good as it gets. Bye-Bye Steve Mills!

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