Baseball Is Finally Back

Five long months ago the Nationals hoisted the World Series trophy to cap off a great 2019 MLB season. I fucking hate the Nationals, but their performance in that series was unbelievable. The way I saw it though was another year down, and another year added on to the Mets World Series drought.

Mets Disaster

As all of you probably know this is for the most part, a Mets blog. We dabble in all of baseball, but for the most part, it is all Mets. I am not even going to get into what a shit-show the Mets offseason was. Here is just a small sample of what it was like:

Oct 3rd 2019-Fire Manager
Nov 1 2019-Hire Manager, Carlos Beltran
Nov 13 2019-Astros cheating scandal comes out; Beltran denies involvement
Dec 4 2019-Sale to Jeff Cohen is announced; Wilpons finally gone
Dec 9 2019-Zach Wheeler signs with Phillies; Never received offer from Mets
Jan 16 2020-Fire Manager; Beltran very involved in cheating scandal
Jan 22 2020-Hire new manager, Luis Rojas
Feb 6 2020-Sale to Jeff Cohen is pronounced dead; Wilpons not gone

You can go back as far as you want in the history of baseball and never find an offseason as fucked up as this one was. It was a complete roller coaster and I cannot get into all of that right now. I will get into the good and some predictions later on.


As any baseball fan not living on Mars knows by now, the Astros are fucking cheaters. It was revealed that over the course of the 2017 season, they were stealing signs using technology and relaying the signs to the batters in real time. They went on to win the World Series and now everybody is all butthurt over it.

Bregman and Altuve

Are the Astros cheaters? Absolutely. Are they the only ones doing this? Absolutely fucking not. The MLB doesn’t actually fucking care that these teams are cheating. They knew about the Astros before Mike Fiers dropped the dime on them. The only reason they did something this time around was because now the public knew. The fans knew and something had to be done.

None of the players were punished in any way and let’s be honest: that team is still fucking loaded. They still have the reigning Cy Young winner and another ace behind him. They still have Altuve, Bregman, and Correa who were all studs before this scandal came out. The Astros will most likely be right back in the ALCS this year.

Either way, my belief is that everyone on that roster that knew about what was going on should be suspended for at least a year. Look at the 1919 Chicago Black Sox. Eight players from that team were banned from baseball for life for throwing the 1919 World Series in exchange for money. One of those guys was Shoeless Joe Jackson. Joe Jackson hit .375 in that series and was still banned for actively trying to lose games. The fact that Manfred has done nothing to these players just goes to show that they don’t actually give a shit.

Whatever happens, this scandal will follow these guys for the rest of their lives and it will have a huge impact on many aspects of their life.

Big Moves

There are really three moves that have headlined the MLB offseason.

  • Rendon signs with the Angels
  • Cole signs with the Yankees
  • Mookie Betts and David Price traded to the Dodgers

These three moves made waves across the league, especially the Mookie Betts trade. The Red Sox, one of the biggest markets in baseball, traded Mookie because they did not want to have to pay him after the year.

Red Sox Playing Games?

Well let me tell you why I think they actually traded him. David Price was not great last year. His contract is fucking enormous and the Red Sox did not want to pay him all of the money they owed him. With that said, the Red Sox dumped half of his salary on to the Dodgers along with Mookie Betts. I think that the Red Sox will look to resign Mookie after the offseason.

After dumping half of Price’s salary the Red Sox have a little more wiggle room to operate. They also got a few prospects in return to make the Red Sox an appealing franchise to sign with. I could be way the fuck off, but it seems odd for a team with that much money to trade their best player in a league with no salary cap.

Rendon-Trout Combo

Mike Trout & Anthony Rendon

Even with Betts heading to the Dodgers, Rendon and Trout have to be the best combination in any lineup in baseball this year. We already know Trout is the best player that this league has seen in quite some time. What most people didn’t know is that Anthony Rendon is one of the best pure hitters in all of baseball. The world finally realized during the playoffs that this man is a fucking animal.

When the Angels struck out on Gerritt Cole, they turned their attention to Rendon and they did not miss. These two are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year and if they can get any kind of consistent pitching, the Angels will be right in the middle of the playoff race.

Those two guys combined for 14.7 Offensive WAR in 2019 which was the best by any two teammates heading into the 2020 season. These two guys may fuck around and finish 1-2 in MVP voting in the AL next year. We may finally also see more than 1 playoff series for Mike Trout. It is time for the whole world to actually see why this man is the undisputed best player in baseball.

Gerrit Cole to the Evil Empire

I fucking hate the Yankees and that is not a secret. Gerrit Cole is awesome and once the Yankees were known to be going after him, you knew it was only a matter of time before it was a reality.

Gerrit Cole had a ridiculous stretch last season where he didn’t lose a game for like 4 fucking months! It was insane! He is phenomenal and there is no getting around it. He is still though, the second best pitcher in his city. He was behind Verlander last year and he is behind deGrom this year. (Just had to throw that out there for everyone.)

The one thing the Yanks needed last year was starting pitching. Well they got a top 3 starter in baseball and they may win 110 games this year now. What a fucking nightmare that would be.


Predictions in baseball are just a crapshoot. No teams ever go 162 games without somebody getting hurt or something unexpected happening to derail them. We are all going to try though and most likely we will all be wrong.

AL East

1-New York Yankees 108-54
2-Tampa Bay Rays 95-67
3-Boston Red Sox 87-75
4-Toronto Blue Jays 79-83
5-Baltimore Orioles 65-97

AL Central

1-Chicago White Sox 93-69
2-Minnesota Twins 88-74
3-Cleveland Indians 86-76
4-Kansas City Royals 74-88
5-Detroit Tigers 63-99

AL West

1-Houston Astros 102-60
2-Los Angeles Angels 93-69
3-Oakland Athletics 90-72
4-Seattle Mariners 84-78
5-Texas Rangers 71-91

NL East

1 New York Mets 95-67
2-Atlanta Braves 93-69
3-Philadelphia Phillies 88-74
4-Washington Nationals 82-80
5-Miami Marlins 67-95

NL Central

1-Chicago Cubs 89-73
2-Cincinnati Reds 86-76
3-St. Louis Cardinals 85-77
4-Milwaukee Brewers 75-87
5-Pittsburgh Pirates 70-92

NL West

1-Los Angeles Dodgers 104-58
2-Arizona Diamondbacks 87-75
3-San Diego Padres 83-79
4-Colorado Rockies 77-85
5-San Francisco Giants 68-94

World Series Prediction

Los Angeles Dodgers over Los Angeles Angels

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