A New MLB Commisioner Nominee Has Stepped Up!

At this point, we all know Rob Manfred is an incompetent chode. We know he is a fucking moron who is scared of the media. The easiest way to put it is that he is a pussy.

In the last few weeks Manfred has managed to piss off 29 baseball teams and about 90% of baseball fans. He has made Bud Selig look like the greatest commisioner in the history of sports. Well people, we have our answer.

Jose Canseco!

This is the only answer! Jose gave us some great moments as a ballplayer and some even better moments in his post-playing career.

Simply put, this guy is a fucking gem. He is not scared of anyone or anything and he is the only man for the job!

Throw away the fact that he was one of the first steroid users. We, the fans, need Canseco to make baseball great again!

Never would anything like this Astros cheating scandal get out of hand again under Canseco. These guys would be banned for life and I am fucking here for it! I am all in on Jose Canseco to be the next MLB Commisioner!

Also, please just enjoy these.

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