Quinnen Williams is a Chode!

Yesterday I went to sleep pretty happy with my current sports situation. The Jets were reported to be working on a deal for Robby Anderson before free agency begins. The Mets are getting strong showings in ST from guys like Rick Porcello. The Knicks seem to be trending up with Leon Rose as the new team president. The Rangers won the game of the year in the NHL last night on 5 goals from Mika! Life has not been as shitty as usual.

Well that changed this morning when I woke up to the tweet below.

Quinnen Williams really tried boarding a plane with a fucking gun. What a fucking moron! This kid is 22 years old. Obviously he still hasn’t learned that you CANNOT bring a gun on to a plane. I mean I guess this isn’t a total surprise since he is the game guy that says bless you and thank you to himself after he sneezes.

Details have not come about the arrest and the entire situation yet, but this is not good. I’m not sure if there will be a suspension or if it will be just a fine. Either way, your 22 year old first round draft pick should not be getting arrested at a fucking airport for having a gun. It’s just not something a team should have to worry about.

Let’s be honest though. 31 other teams do not have to worry about anyone on their team getting arrested at an airport. It’s only the goddamn Jets.

I’ll have more as the details come out, but just in case you were wondering, it still fucking blows to be a Jets fan.

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  1. What a moron I thought he was gonna have great behavior coming into the league, he was not the one you’d suspect!

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