Coronavirus Had Me Slippin

It has been too long since my last blog and I have nobody to blame but myself. Once the coronavirus took over the world, I got lazy. There was a lot going on, but no sports, and I started slippin. Well I’m back and I am here to keep you entertained in a world with no sports.

A lot has happened since my last blog and I can’t get into all of it in one post, but I’ll highlight some of the big things in the empty world of sports.

Coronavirus Fucking Everything Up

In the last 2 months we have seen all sports leagues except for the NFL suspend pretty much all operations. NBA suspended their season after that fucking chose Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus. MLB suspended Spring Training 2 weeks before Opening Day. NHL suspended their season with about 2 weeks left before the playoffs. The PGA Tour suspended their season in the middle of one of their biggest tournaments of the year, The PLAYERS. The XFL suspended all operations and unfortunately, we may never see that league again. Then the biggest disappointment of all, the NCAA canceled the NCAA tournament in the middle of conference tournament week.

Of course, that isn’t all that was fucked up by this virus, but those are the big events that most people were paying attention to. One thing the coronavirus couldn’t stop though? The NFL. Roger Goodell stood up, said fuck that shit, and continued with Free Agency and the NFL Draft.

NFL Offseason

For the first time in his life, Goodell was hailed as a hero, because both events could not have gone smoother. Free agency was electric as teams were agreeing with players every 5 minutes for the first week. Big names like Amari Cooper signed big extensions to stay put, while some other big names got the shaft and were getting no offers: Jameis and Clowney. Jameis eventually took a deal to back up Drew Bress, while Clowney still remains unsigned.

We also saw a few trades that confused everyone around the league. First we saw Deandre Hopkins go to Arizona for a 2nd round draft pick. The Cardinals absolutely fucking FLEECED the Texans here and Bill O’Brien immediately became the butt of every single joke in the NFL. Soon after, the Vikings sent Stefon Diggs to Buffalo for a bunch of draft picks. Some people really liked the move but I was left scratching my head. Diggs is a fucking head case. If you watch Vikings games, you would see them up by 21 points but Diggs is on the sideline throwing his helmet acting like a little bitch. It was obvious that he would rather win on his terms and his terms only. He wanted to put up numbers more than anything and that will not bode well for a young Buffalo team led by a young QB.

Then a month and a half later, the draft wound up being the biggest TV event of the year. The Quarantine draft went off without a hitch. Seeing the coaches and GMs draft from their homes was fucking awesome. Leave it to Kliff Kingsbury to win the draft with his movie like living room.

Overall, the draft was fucking awesome. The first 10 picks kind of went as expected. Burrow went first, the Dolphins and Chargers both took QBs at 5 and 6, and 4 OL went in the first 13 picks. The biggest surprise was when the Raiders took Henry Ruggs as the first WR at 12. Jerry Jeudy and Ceedee Lamb were both available, but leave it to the fucking Raiders to take the fastest guy regardless of skill. Ruggs may fucking kill it, but I just laughed when the pick was announced.

Jets Killed the Draft

How about my fucking Jets though! Joe Douglas is a fucking wizard and maneuvered this draft like Albus fucking Dumbledore. He got his highest rated tackle in Mekhi “Mount” Becton, who is an enormous human being. The Jets next pick was in the 2nd round at 48 and the Jets desperately needed a WR. Well pick 48 comes and a first round talent, Denzel Mims, was still available and I was jumping for joy. Then Goodell announces a trade back to 59 while the Jets picked up another 4th round pick. I was livid, but that is why my fatass was on the couch because lo and behold, Mims was still available at 59 and JD snagged him there. What a brilliant fucking man! There seemed to be some questionable picks in there like the QB in the fourth round, but who am I to question the Great One?

Now the Jets will not win 10 games this year. They have a ridiculously tough schedule and still are lacking on talent. In 2021 though, watch the fuck out. This team is going to compete and I am here for it!

MJ Doc

Finally, the last good thing to come out of this quarantine was “The Last Dance”. The documentary that focuses on the 1998 Bulls in their last season together was released about 2 months early and it has been fucking glorious.

Anyone who watches basketball knows most of the highlights they are showing, but the behind the scenes stuff along with the interview has been great. Everyone telling their stories just puts some perspective on how difficult what those teams did actually was.

There is one line from this doc though that really speaks volumes to how hard it is to win a championship in this league. MJ says that there were no championships for him without Scottie Pippen. Nobody wins championships by themselves and the narrative that anyone has or anyone can is absurd and can finally be put to sleep.

Some of the highlights from the doc so far for me have been MJ and Scottie constantly bagging on that fucking schmuck Jerry Krause, MJ’s gambling, Phil’s view on all of it, and MJ talking about the Bad Boy Pistons.

It has been must watch TV and it has not disappointed at all. If you have not watch it, sit your ass down and get started.

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