We May Have Baseball and Basketball Soon!

March 11th. That was the day that the NBA officially suspended their season.

March 12th. This was the day that MLB suspended Spring Training.

Since those dates, we have not seen either of these sports, nor have we heard any solid news regarding whether or not they will start at any point.

Well that may be changing. This week the MLB owners proposed a plan for an 82 game season starting in July. This plan was sent to the MLB Player’s Association, and it will be reviewed and voted on at some point in the near future. This plan has many changes in it, but it seems like the biggest hold up will be money.

Before I get to the money, here are some of the ideas within the proposal:

  • Fourth of July start date
  • 82 game season
  • Universal DH
  • 3 regionally located divisions
  • 14 team playoff

On the surface, this doesn’t seem so bad. The players won’t be asked to play 7-10 games per week and they will avoid the non-stop travel associated with a normal regular season.

Then we get to the money portion of this proposal and that is where it gets iffy for the players. The owners have proposed a salary cap for this season which includes a 50-50 split in revenue. Not only will the players play for a pro-rated salary, but now they are also being asked to give up even more to ensure the teams are pulling in their fair share of revenue. It has been specialted that there is no chance the players approve this proposal, but we shall see.

I am obviously hoping that this gets approved because I selfishly want baseball back. Asking these players to risk their safety at an extremely discounted rate is something that they will not like though.

The NBA on the other hand is a star run league and it pretty much goes: if the stars want something, they get it. A conference call was held yesterday with the superstars around the league including Lebron, Chris Paul, Giannis, Kevin Durant, Kawhi, Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, Dame, and Russell Westbrook.

These stars got on this call with the intention of showing a united front with one thing in mind. Starting the season back up.

After the phone call it seemed like their was some positivity about the league restarting here in the next 2-3 months. Adam Silver came out and said he would have a decision within the next month and we are all now in limbo as the internal discussions continue.

I was optimistic until I saw this tweet,

Obviously, the health and safety of the players come first, but let’s not forget who is responsible for the league. The commissioner, Adam Silver. If the league returns to play and people start getting sick left and right, Silver will be held accountable. If the league comes back and everything goes perfectly, Silver will look like a genius. No matter what happens, Silver’s rep is on the line, and he has to take that into consideration when making this decision.

Selfishly, I obviously want sports back as soon as possible, but I know that the health and safety of my family and myself is paramount, and I completely understand both sides of this argument.

I will follow this and I will continue providing updates on any news I hear.

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