The Match of the Century is Happening Today!

Back in 2018, Tiger Woods faced off against Phil Mickelson in one of the most anticipated golf matches of all time. Well today we have an even better one for you. Tiger Woods has a playing partner that goes by the name of Peyton Manning, while Phil is partnered with some chode named Tom Brady. 4 of the greatest athletes of the last 20 years will all be on the same golf course today and it is going to be glorious!

A year and half ago, Phil won a nailbiter beating Tiger in 22 holes. Not only was the match unbelievable to watch, but the side bets made on the side were fucking awesome! It is crazy to see athletes intereacting on a level that you don’t see during their normal competitions.

What-The Match 2.0-Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady

When-Sunday May 23rd at 3PM ET on TNT, TBS, and TruTV

Where-Medalist Golf Club, Hobe Sound Florida

Head To Head

Brady vs. Manning

Now during their NFL careers, Brady dominated Manning head to head winning 11 of 17 total matchups, including the playoffs. Peyton though, definitely has the edge on the golf course. Peyton is currently carrying around a 6 handicap while Brady is carrying closer to a 9. Peyton is retired and has been for a few years so it makes sense that his golf game would be a little more polished than Brady’s . We also have to wonder, did Tom Brady ever get a new driver after this incident?

I wonder though, if Brady’s total fucking dominance over Peyton during their NFL careers is going to have any impact on Peyton’s mental game today. If Tom comes out talking that shit, then he might have a real edge over Peyton.

It seems like Peyton has gotten over that and I think we see Peyton “Shooter McGavin” Manning get the best of Tom today.

Tiger vs. Phil

Now it’s not secret who has dominated between these two. Tiger has 83 career PGA tour wins which is good for the most of all time, while Phil has almost half of that with 44 wins. Tiger has dominated the rivalry between these two for years, but he did lose ‘The Match’ back in 2018.

I think Tiger is coming for blood. Phil has been talking that shit on social media and Tiger is just putting in the memory jar so he can come out and embarrass Phil today. The time off is in Tiger’s favor and look for him to play some his best golf against one of his biggest rivals.

Tiger also has home course advantage this time around. The first match was in Las Vegas and Tiger was obviously not a fan of it. This time around he is in his home state of Florida and that is a huge advantage for Tiger this time around.


I was really back and forth on this because both teams have GOATs on their side. Brady has 6 rings and is the GOAT QB while Tiger has been in the golf GOAT conversation since he was 20 years old. I am officially taking old ass retired Peyton Manning and Tiger to win this match in 16 holes. It may happen earlier than that because I really think both of those guys have a fire lit under their ass. Peyton getting dominated by Tom for his whole career and Tiger losing to Phil in 2018 is all the motivation they need to go out and fuck some shit up today.

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