The NBA at Disney World Is Happening!

We finally had some live, watchable sports yesterday! It couldn’t have come at a better time either. Memorial Day Weekend, when people can’t really go anywhere, was the perfect setting for Tha Match 2.0. I now had an excuse to day drink and I was fucking into it. Brady and Manning really added a dimension to this match that was missing the first time around. Watching it live made it move though, and now I’m ready for more!

Don’t forget, we also had the male version of Janet Jackson’s nip slip!

Well it looks like we may have it, in the form of the NBA playoffs at Walt Disney World! Woj reported that it looks like the NBA will go straight into a 16 team playoff at a bubble site in Orlando.

Now, I honestly don’t care if they did a play in for the last two playoff spots, or if they went with the current top 16. It doesn’t fucking matter to me. Give me some NBA action!

There have been some date ranges thrown around on Twitter too that have a mini training camp at the end of June and the Finals ending in September. This timeline would have the draft a week after the Finals, and Free Agency a week after that. What I have not seen is a timeline for next season.

This seems like the PERFECT opportunity for the NBA to finally move their schedule to December through July/August to avoid competing with the NFL. Every year the NBA starts in October, but nobody really starts talking about it until the NFL is over. This is their chance to really own the 8 month timeframe that they are playing in. Like I said though, I have seen no rumblings of anything like that, I just think it makes the most sense.

With this on the horizon, it’s time to dust off the DraftKings app and my FanDuel SportsBook account and get back to winning some fucking money!

Cheers to live fucking sports everyone!

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