I Finished My First Dynasty Draft!

Aaaaannnddd I think I totally fucked it up.

I have been playing fantasy football for about 15 years now. Never have I played in a dynasty league though. For those who don’t know, a dynasty league is a continuing fantasy football league where you play for the present and the future. You have a startup draft where every player is available. During that draft though, you also have your future picks as assets to trade. The future picks are draft picks for NFL rookies. The league I am in has a 4 round draft every year for those rookies and those are the picks you can use as assets.

Well my first draft didn’t start great as I got the 11th pick, but I got a stud in Davante Adams. I felt like I was having a real good draft until around the 11th round when I was talked into trading Adams.

Personally, I kind of undervalue Adams because of his injury history and Rodgers’s situation in Green Bay, so initially I thought the trade was good for me. After doing some research though, I didn’t get back NEARLY enough in the deal.

I gave up Adams and received the following:

  • 2020 10th (N’Keal Harry)
  • 2020 13th (Robby Anderson)
  • 2020 16th (Tyrann Mathieu)
  • 2021 1st Round Pick
  • 2022 4th Round Pick

On the surface, I really didnt hate it given the situation in GB and the possibility of studs with what I got. The Pats love Harry, because they didn’t take a WR in the draft this year. Robby Anderson is solid WR2-3, and that 2021 1st has all kinds of possibilities.

Then I did more research. The ceiling for Adams is WR5 or better for the next 4-5 years if he stays healthy. There are not guarantees like that on my side of the deal. The uncertainty on my end is why the deal was not friendly for me.

Outside of that I had a solid draft. I got Josh Jacobs who is a 22 year old stud, and I got 2 of the young talented QBs in Baker and Darnold (SuperFlex league), plus I got 25 year old Amari Cooper on top of that. I got some rookies with a lot of upside too: Tee Higgins, Jerry Jeudy, Ke’Shawn Vaughn, Anthony McFarland, and my most intriguing rookie, Antonio Gandy-Golden.

I feel like I have a solid team, but the way I drafted allowed for me to compete in the future, even if my team doesn’t pan out like I planned this year.

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